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Ancient Egyptians may have attempted early cancer treatment surgery

Daily News Egypt 30 May 2024
In summary, these ancient Egyptian skulls offer valuable insights into early attempts at cancer treatment and the resilience of individuals in the face of illness and injury.

4,000-Year-Old Skulls Hold Evidence of Ancient Egyptian Cancer Remedies

The Capital Journal 30 May 2024
Paleopathologists have found evidence of ancient Egyptian cancer treatments in 4,000-year-old skulls ....

Evidence of surgical tumor removal in ancient Egyptian skull is 'milestone in the history of medicine'

Lodi News Sentinel 30 May 2024
New evidence from a skull that is more than 4,000 years old has revealed that ancient Egyptian physicians may have tried to treat certain cancers with surgery ....

Research Shows Ancient Egyptians Attempted Cancer Surgery Over 4,700 Years Ago

News18 30 May 2024
The research found evidence of brain tumour removal in patients thousands of years ago. These skulls were found during excavations in ancient Egypt ... .

Ancient Greek Flask Linked to Lord Elgin Heads to Auction

Greek City Times 30 May 2024
The spokesperson remarked, "Consider stumbling upon an ancient Egyptian mummy mask during a casual visit to a local antiques fair or car boot sale, only to realize its auction value now ranges from £12,000 to £17,000.".

Ancient temple excavation gains progress by joint Egyptian-Chinese archaeological mission

Xinhua 30 May 2024
(Egyptian-Chinese archaeological mission/Handout via Xinhua) ... (Egyptian-Chinese archaeological mission/Handout via Xinhua) ... Ancient temple excavation gains progress by joint Egyptian-Chinese archaeological mission.

Scottish homeless being sent out of town to make room for Taylor Swift fans

Gulf Today 30 May 2024
Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift performs onstage on the first night of her "Eras Tour" in Arlington, Texas. TNS ... READ MORE. Ancient Egyptians were trying to treat cancer 4000 years ago, Research study ... Tribune News Service. .

Michigan man with suspended license logs into Zoom court hearing while driving

NBC Bay Area 30 May 2024
U.S. & World ... Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement holds breath on mass trial with an almost certain outcome Ancient Egyptian skull shows oldest attempt at cancer surgery House Ethics Committee opens investigation into Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar ... .

Ancient Egyptians attempted cancer treatment, reveals 4,000-year-old skulls

Madhyamam 29 May 2024
A new study has uncovered that ancient Egyptians tried to treat excessive tissue growth and investigate cancerous disorders through operations, even after a patient's death ... The ancient Egyptians were ...

Ancient Egyptians ‘were trying to understand and treat cancer 4,000 years ago’

AOL 29 May 2024
They said the cutmarks are likely to have been made with a sharp object, suggesting these ancient Egyptians may have tried to operate on the tumour ... “This finding is unique evidence of how ancient ...

'Ancient Egyptians performed advanced surgeries 4,000 years ago'

The News International 29 May 2024
“We see that although ancient Egyptians were able to deal with complex cranial fractures, cancer was still a medical knowledge frontier,” Tatiana Tondini, a study co-author and researcher at the University of Tübingen in Germany, said.

4,000 year-old skulls suggest ancient Egyptians tried to treat cancer with surgery

The National 29 May 2024
Ancient Egyptians may have tried to treat cancer with surgery, according to a new study which has uncovered the earliest known evidence of a procedure to treat the disease.

4,000-yr-old skulls from ancient Egyptian Civilization show cuts to treat cancer

International Business Times 29 May 2024
Ancient Egyptians attempted to operate on excessive tissue growth or learn more about cancerous disorders after a patient's death, revealed a study on two 4,000-year-old skulls.

Ancient Egyptians Tried to Surgically Treat Cancer, Study Finds

Gizmodo 29 May 2024
Scientists have discovered archaeological evidence that ...