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Feature: Chinese films appeal to Egyptian audiences, artists at Cairo film festival 04 Dec 2021
He highlighted the importance of the participation of films "from an ancient culture like China" in CIFF. Among the films screened in the same program was Egyptian short film It's Nothing Nagy, Just Hang up! by Youhanna Nagy, who expressed his admiration of the Chinese short film.

Linking past and future

Taipei Times 04 Dec 2021
Paper Windmill Theater Troupe actors dressed in ...

Ancient Egyptian elites used a thick beer porridge in their ceremonies

New Scientist 03 Dec 2021
Centuries before the pharaohs emerged in Egypt, the local elites used a thick porridge-like beer in their ceremonies ... .

Black Adam Looks Menacing In Close-Up Shot Of The Rock's DC 'Hero'

IGN Insider 03 Dec 2021
We've received brief glimpses to this point of Dwayne Johnson in his impending role as anti-hero Black Adam, most notably in the trailer that debuted at DC FanDome 2021 ... a lot like Dwayne Johnson ... Simple, but effective. “You’re right. Superheroes don’t kill bad people ... In the comics, Black Adam is an ancient Egyptian predecessor to Captain Marvel.

Gold jewelry from Queen Nefertiti era found in tombs in Cyprus

Egypt Independent 03 Dec 2021
Stunning gold jewelry, made under Queen Nefertiti’s reign, has been discovered inside two Bronze Age tombs hidden for 3,000 years in Cyprus, The Daily Mail reported. A pure gold necklace in the shape of a lotus flower with inlaid gemstones was found, similar to the jewelry worn by the ancient Egyptian queen of the Eighteenth Dynasty ... ....

Overly hasty heist adventure ‘Red Notice’ is barely noticeable

The Daily Californian 03 Dec 2021
... and Ryan Reynolds, “Red Notice” tells the story of stealthy criminals double-crossing each other as they race across the globe in search of the mysterious third golden egg, part of an ancient wedding gift given to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra by Marc Antony some 2000 years ago.

Wonderline -- Readers ask about PPLP fundraising, assessor license, coach

The Grand Island Independent 03 Dec 2021
By News-Times staff. The following questions were asked recently on the Wonderline.. Q. How much money has been raised by the effort for the Peyton Parker Lane Playground so far?. A ... Q ... A ... Q ... A. No. Q ... A ... Q ... A ... Q ... A ... Evidence suggests the practice of adorning the home with evergreen boughs during the winter solstice dates as far back as the ancient Egyptians ... Q ... A ... .

Gang arrested for excavating Ancient Egyptian tomb, attempting to smuggle sarcophagus

Egypt Today 02 Dec 2021
A gang consisting of eight individuals has been arrested Thursday for excavating an Ancient Egyptian tomb in Cairo's Heliopolis neighborhood, and attempting to sell a ...

Gold jewelry including a necklace, lotus flower pendant and a tiara from the era of ...

The Daily Mail 02 Dec 2021
A solid gold pendant shaped like a lotus flower with inlaid gemstones is one of the treasures found at the site and is similar to jewelry worn by the ancient Egyptian queen of the 18th dynasty ... site and is similar to jewelry worn by the ancient Egyptian queen of the 18th dynasty.

#13. Pharaoh hound

Magic Valley 02 Dec 2021
... it resembles breeds depicted in ancient Egyptian .

How to Bring New Life to Classic Holiday Traditions

The St Marys Daily Press 02 Dec 2021
The Olesen family of knows how important it is to share such stories ... Did you know that bringing trees into one’s home during winter is a centuries-old tradition? The custom’s exact origins are debatable -- with some historians believing the ancient Egyptians first adopted the practice and others attributing its invention to pagan Europeans ... ....

Foodstuff: Eat these words

Aspen Times 02 Dec 2021
Kaya Williams/The Aspen Times Weekly ... Fisher ... Her works share the spectacular pleasure that comes from divine flavors amid bouts of loneliness and simple dishes amid interesting company as well as that particular tickled-pink sensation that comes from learning the history of, say, ocean bivalves or the diets of ancient Egyptians ... Fisher ... Fisher ... Toklas.

Egypt beams with pride at spectacular opening of Sphinxes Avenue

Watani 01 Dec 2021
Globally, the dazzling Egyptian event was reported as an activity designed to boost tourism to Egypt, which had conspicuously dropped owing to COVID-19 pandemic ... The Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Nader Abbassi played tunes based on Egyptian melodies ... More than 400 performers clad in ancient Egyptian garments paraded and danced on the Avenue.

Egypt showcases locally-made drones at defence expo

Middle East Monitor 01 Dec 2021
One of the drones, named "Nut", after the Ancient Egyptian goddess of the sky, can carry up to 65 kilogrammes of weight, can perform tactical ...

Happy 100th!

Evening Times 01 Dec 2021
West Memphis reverend celebrates the century mark this weekend. By RALPH HARDIN. On the popular “Star TrekTV show, the logical pointy-eared character Dr ... It borrows from various other sources, including ancient Egyptian proverbs, the Bible and the works of Shakespeare ... Rev. Arthur Lee Townsend Sr. was born on Dec ... Rev ... Rev ... Rev ... .